Afternoon Tea at Amstel Hotel Amsterdam (in Pictures)

You may or may not have an opportunity to visit the Amstel Hotel in The Netherlands for afternoon tea, but since I have, I will be more than happy to take you on a pictorial tour – just scroll down.  You’ll feel like you were there! The Intercontinental Amstel hotel  is located on the banks of the river Amstel in Amsterdam, and is probably the premier hotel in all of the Netherlands.

Intercontinental Amstel Hotel Exteior Amsterdam Netherlands

Intercontinental Amstel Hotel

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Afternoon Tea at Amstel Hotel, Amsterdam

Afternoon Tea at The Amstel Hotel ©

I had spent the morning touring past priceless works of art at the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum and decided to walk to the Hotel Amstel for Afternoon Tea.  The distance was about 1.4 km or just under a mile, and even though it was a cool January day, it was clear, bright and just begging for a brisk afternoon walk.  Starting out from the Museumpleine , I headed east toward the Amstel Hotel.  Along the way, I began to think that I had gotten off my directions, so I stopped in an office building and asked the receptionist if I was on the right track.  She entered my information into her iPhone and quickly determined that I was one street off, but running parallel to the correct street, so I would still encounter the hotel, just from the other side.

Amstel Inter-Continental Hotel ©

As I came up to the Amstel River bridge, I couldn’t miss the grand façade of the Amstel Hotel, located just across the river on the opposite bank.   Dating from 1867, this is one of the premier hotels in Amsterdam. Previous guests have included Queen Elizabeth, Gustav Eiffel, Audrey Hepburn, The Rolling Stones, Elizabeth Hurley, and U2. Continue reading