Join Me As I Visit 50 Afternoon and High Teas Over The Next 24 Months

Palm Court at The Ritz London

The beautiful Palm Court at The Ritz London (courtesy of The Ritz London)

My goal is to visit 50 Afternoon Teas/High Teas over the next two years.

If you’re looking for unbiased journalism or a critical review site, sadly, you won’t find it here. Why?  Because there just aren’t too many things we don’t like about afternoon tea.

Let me also briefly clarify that High Tea and Afternoon Tea are, in fact, two very different things. Afternoon Tea has a 19th century English-aristocratic origin and evolved into a social gathering that included light food to tide one over between lunch and the evening meal. High Tea is generally served later in the day with “heavier” foods and is considered a replacement for the evening meal.

15 thoughts on “Join Me As I Visit 50 Afternoon and High Teas Over The Next 24 Months

  1. That sounds like my kind of challenge! What a wonderful idea and website, I look forward to finding out how you get on and will have to interview you for my blog.


  2. How’s your tea trail going? I’m really interested in the different meals for which different countries use the label ‘high tea’. I’m used to the definition you give, as I’m English, but here in Australia ‘high tea’ seems to be used to refer to what I think of as afternoon tea. I shall follow your progress with much interest (and envy!).

  3. Hi Julia, thank you for writing. You are absolutely right that outside of the U.K., there seems to be a tendency for establishments to use the term high tea, when they really should be using afternoon tea. I have a few more afternoon tea visits that I just haven’t written up yet, and I will be back on the “tea trail” very shortly.

  4. Hi There,

    This is a fantastic idea and a great site, Its amazing that you have kept it going since 2009.

    I enjoy your relaxed review style and was about to suggest you and your daughter sample the Lanesbourugh Samovars before realising that you have already been! My wife took me for my birthday several years ago, as an added beneift she had told them on booking that it was my birthhday, and as we were bought our tea the pianist played happy birthday, which was truly splendid! If you do ever go on your daughters birthday I would reccomend letting them know in advance.

  5. Loved reading through your blog. Heading to Ireland and London this week. We are staying at the Merion, but I was wondering if you preferred tea at the Shelborne? Also, did you have a favorite in London. I was disappointed with the Ritz when I was there last – so snobby. Fortum Mason is one of my favorite teas and was thinking of going there, but wasn’t sure about the atmosphere.

  6. Thank you for your kind comments. Afternoon tea at The Merrion and The Shelbourne in Dublin are both wonderful – you can’t really miss with either one. In London, and this is totally subjective, my favorite is The Dorchester Hotel. Be sure to book in advance.

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